San Marino

Castle on a hill in San Marino.JPG


Given the hilly and scenic terrain, as well as the abundance of back roads and off-road trials, San Marino and the surrounding Italian regions are near perfect for cycling.

Cycling San Marino is a consortium of individuals and companies in the hospitality business in San Marino. They have developed cycling/biking routes, facilitate equipment rentals, and offer combined equipment + guiding packages for riders interested in getting on the bike.

Photo of San Marino looking out over the rest of surrounding Italy.jpg

The Cycling San Marino website details dozens of on- and off-road routes that they have developed in/around San Marino. With varying difficulty levels, elevation profiles, and distances, there are rides for cyclists of any level to enjoy. Rides depart from various points throughout the country, so you won’t be disadvantaged if you are staying in the city or at one of the rural B&Bs.

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