San Marino

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Wine Escape

San Marino may be a microstate, but it’s not a city-state. And its best kept secret is its beautiful countryside.

Two great B&B + wineries offer visitors to San Marino the opportunity to learn about and sample Marinese wine. Since production and export volume is limited by the quantity of available land, trying Marinese wine is something you’ll be hard-pressed to do outside of San Marino.

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For information about the consortium that makes and sells almost all Marinese wine, and for overviews of the wines that are staples of their production, visit the Consorzio Vini Tipici Di San Marino website.

Staying at one of the B&B + wineries also provides an excellent base for cycling and/or walking through the countryside east of the main residential/commercial corridor (the most beautiful part of the country, in our opinion). San Marino has invested significantly in its cycling infrastructure, and is currently doing the same for its growing network of walking and hiking trails.

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