The Confederation Trail, Canada

Path on The Confederation Trail for hiking in Canada.jpg

The Confederation Trail (The Trail) is an ideal one-way, inn-to-inn walking journey,

combining idyllic vistas of rolling hills, bay views, and quaint villages in a relatively flat hike that will appeal to travelers of all ages and fitness levels. Following the route of the old Prince Edward Island (PEI) Railway (abandoned in 1989), The Trail winds its way from Tignish at one tip of PEI to Elmira at the other, and through more than a dozen of the island’s charming towns in-between. Opened in 2000 and measuring 273 kilometers (170 miles) from start to finish, The Trail rarely exceeds an incline of more than 2%.

Designed as a comprehensive guide to walking the Confederation Trail, we share our know-how in six sections:

What We Offer →

An overview of this guide, and details about our trip planning service.

When To Go →

We examine the tradeoffs involved with walking The Trail at different times.

Getting There →

Information to help you plan your journey to PEI, and then onward to The Trail.

The Essentials →

What you need to know to prepare for a successful tip-to-tip hike.

In Detail →

Day-by-day recommendations, including pacing, accommodation, and dining.

After The Trail →

You made it from one end of The Trail to the other! Now - and how - what?

If you are excited about walking The Trail but are less keen on researching, planning, and booking all of your logistics and accommodations, or if you want to discuss customizing the experience in some fashion, please contact us about our trip planning service.

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