Trip Planning

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At Up Next Destinations we specialize in offering a bespoke trip planning service

for discerning travelers seeking both authenticity and quality in some of the world’s most exciting up-and-coming destinations.

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To begin, we take the time to learn about your interest in the destination, as well as your travel preferences more generally.

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We then leverage our in-market experience and expertise to match your preferences and aspirations with specific experiences, accommodations, dining options, and more. We solicit your input before we begin to design your itinerary, and then we continually tweak it until you’re completely satisfied.

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Finally, we work out all of the logistics and make all of the bookings for you, thereby saving you time and minimizing hassle both before and during your trip.

No packaged tours. No cookie-cutter itineraries. And we do not take commissions from suppliers, aligning our interests entirely with yours.

We also offer a private guiding service. So if you not only want us to plan and book your trip, but also be on-hand to guide the journey, let’s talk.

To begin, please get in touch!